Moderation Trivia:
Spring league!

Moderation Trivia is back! It's time for our Spring Trivia League. Come test your knowledge against Brunswick’s best, with questions about History, Geography, Pop Culture, Sports, Language, Literature, Art, Science, plus mystery and puzzle rounds!

Doors open at 7:00 pm with play starting at 7:30 pm. The league will be eight evenings of extraordinary trivia, every second Tuesday at 7:30 PM, until roughly 9:30 pm.

Prizes! Cash prizes for the top two teams every night, plus major prizes for the top three teams over the whole season. (A maximum of five performances will be included in your final score, so you can still win the league without coming every time.)

Teams can be up to six people at a time. Your membership can rotate or change, but you have to use the same team name so I know who you are.

Questions or more information? Write to me (Andrew) at

Next trivia night: April 9th!
(Doors at 7 PM)

Last weeks results:

(From March 26th)

Here are the results from Tuesday's trivia:

1. Jake Jortles 49 pts
2. Racchus Bacchus 42 pts
3. Probably Overthinking It 41 pts
4. Comfortably Dumb 38 pts
5. The Sixth Republic 36 pts
6. Field Station Nation 30 pts
7. Taco Cat 29 pts
8. Wendy Wu Homecoming Warriors 23 pts
9. Go Bucs 22 pts

Team Standings:

(After March 26th)

1. Jake Jortles 31.5 pts

2. Comfortably Dumb 19 pts

3. Racchus Bacchus 18 pts

4. Probably Overthinking it 14 pts

5. The Sixth Republic 2.5

Remember that your top five performances count towards you final score, so if your team hasn't come every week, now is the time you can start moving up the rankings - and if you already have five scores, you'd better improve on them, or else you start stagnating or slipping!

2018 Fall trivia champions:

Congratulations to our first ever Moderation Trivia League winners:

The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow!

Congrats to our runner-ups:

2) Racchus Bacchus