Lemon blueberry milkshake IPA

BLUE is our first take on a fruited lactose IPA, and has had us singing since we started the mash. The problem was deciding which "blue" song to sing. Some days it was Joni, other days it was Myles, Fats, and Bobby. Sometimes we'd don our matching suits and shades, and try our best Jake and Elwood. (The Blues Brothers "Everybody needs Somebody" seems particularly appropriate today!) 

BLUE combines the tartness of organic lemon zest with Maine grown organic blueberries from Continuous Harmony Farm in Lincolnville).  With a hint of berry sweetness in the finish, this is finished with a heavy dose of Lemondrop and Amarillo in the dry hop. Whatever your tune, Blue is a perfect Valentine’s Day brew. Only’s red! 😉One of the most wondrous traits of working with fresh wild Maine blueberries is that when they ferment they actually turn a stunning reddish hue! So despite it's name, BLUE is actually the perfect color beer to share with your Valentine! 

ALLERGEN ALERT: Contains Lactose




Lemondrop and Amarillo


Blue Ox Pale & Wheat


Organic Blueberries from Continuous Harmony Farm and Organic Lemon Zest