All of Moderation’s beers are made with a majority of Maine-grown and produced ingredients—with a focus on seasonally foraged produce. Whether it’s our elderberry beer or our lemon balm ale, we aim to showcase the bounty of local ingredients around our state. Our house yeast strain, is a farmhouse variety from Norway (Kveik) that is genetically different than any other brewing yeast. We also utilize a British strain in our stouts, as well as a variety of wild yeasts with a focus on Brettanomyces.

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Grog Shop
Pat w/Amarillo & Mosaic
Brut Wit Fruit-Blueberry

Lemony Sippet
As Lime Gose By
Box Shop Girls Stout
(updated 9/27/19)
Draft list subject to change.

Draft list subject to change.

Interested in carrying our Beer?

Interested in carrying our beer in your store or restaurants? We would love to chat! We are currently self-distributed but offer kegs and 16 oz 4-packs of cans for sale.
* Note: Our beer is currently only available for sale in the state of Maine.

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