THIS SMOOTH AND RICH barleywine will have you hankering for an excuse to escape from the chaos of everyday, and find a quiet spot to sip this luscious brew on your own terms. It was brewed back in April and has been mellowing since. With succulent flavors of toffee, maple and ripe berries, this barley wine is the perfect antidote to November and December weather. Named for a “character” in Mattie’s favorite Oscar Wilde play.

Better yet, there are three different versions of this delightful barleywine. The base barleywine has been aging in stainless since July.

Bunbury has also been aged in barrels since July for two different decadent versions available in bottles:

  • Bunbury aged in a Maple Whisky Barrel

  • Bunbury aged in a Bourbon Barrel





Blue Ox Pale & Wheat