Lemony sippet

Lemon Balm Wheat beer

THIS IS NOT AN UNFORTUNATE PAIRING: local lemon balm, lemongrass from Whatley Farm, organic lemon rind, and organic dried lemon peel, help give this new wheat beer a crisp, light, herbal and lemony flavor. 

(Apologies to Lemony Snicket for the amount of literary puns that went in to naming this beer). We took the lemon balm, and other ingredients, and created a tea to add to the beer to get this delicate and refreshing taste. 

This summer brew is one of our first beers that was dreamt up and made by the women of Moderation. Mattie and Kate harvested lemon balm from both Whatley Farm and Mattie's parents garden. The lemongrass was harvested and dried by Kate. Mattie took lead on brewing this batch, and tasting and feedback was provided by Kate, Angela, and Brittan. We're pretty stoked to have this on tap!





Blue Ox Pale & Wheat 


Organic Lemon Balm from our Mother's garden and Whatley Farm in Bowdoinham, Maine. Organic Lemongrass from Whatley. Organic Lemon Peel.